As the UK goes into a panic and the battle against coronavirus continues, here are 10 updates worth knowing about today, on March 15.

1. The death toll doubled from 11 to 21 yesterday (March 14 ) and has increased by 14 more cases totaling to 35.

2. The total number of confirmed cases in the UK is 1372.

3. There could be a shift to household isolation rather than individual self-isolation.

4. Testing will be prioritised for those most at risk of severe illness from the disease.

5. Health Secretary, Matt Hancock confirmed that ministers were seeking to give police powers to arrest and forcibly quarantine people who are sick with the virus but are not self-isolating.

6. A Bill setting out emergency powers to deal with the outbreak will be published on Thursday, and details of what the powers will include will be shared on Tuesday.

7. Boris Johnson will personally urge manufacturers to shift their production lines to build ventilators.

8. Public Health England said people in the community with a fever or cough do not usually need testing.

9. Negotiations are taking place with private health firms about access to their hospital beds.

10. President Donald Trump announced the extension of his travel restrictions to cover the UK and Ireland.