Driven by a determination to tackle air pollution and traffic congestion in London, two young businessmen are demanding MPs change the law to ensure we all have an electric future.

United by a loathing for fossil fuels, the pair, who first became friends at school, are so determined to drive change they’ve set up their own electric scooter company.

The pair are calling for the laws to be reconsidered on using e-scooters on public highways and cycle paths.

Delivering their letters to MPs personally, Alex Gatehouse and Luke Martin were met at the gates of the Houses of Parliament by Scott Mann MP who, earlier that day, raised the issue in the Commons with a question to the Secretary of State for Transport.

Praising the co-founders of Elka Scooters, Scott said: “Improving transport in cities is vital, but I think you can also revolutionise the way people get around in rural communities with these”.

Luke realises safety must be paramount.

Wimbledon Times:

He said: “We believe passionately in the future of the technology, but fully recognise regulation will be the key to moving forward.

“The concerns around the risks posed by scooter riders, both to themselves and others, are real and justified, managing these risks is crucial to the successful introduction of the technology.

“Anyone who rides an electric scooter quickly sees the appeal. It's 10 times quicker than walking, a pleasure to ride, completely emission-free and significantly cheaper than public transport.

“It's no wonder adoption has been so rapid around the world. It's an unbelievably effective and enjoyable mode of transport - and we realised back in 2018 that with the UK's outdated legal position, not to mention its astronomical public transport costs, commuters are seriously missing out.”

Alex thinks e-scooters can kick start the electric revolution. He said: “Imagine if, every morning, instead of spending a fifth of your monthly salary on a deteriorating train service, you could skip the tube entirely and ride to the office on green energy - arriving feeling happy, energised and ready to start the day? This is the future that electric scooter technology can offer us, if only we're prepared to let it."

“Scooters will be the starting point and will lead the way for us all to transfer across to using other forms of electric transport in the future. It might just start with the first few miles of our daily commute but it could prove to be life changing.”

Elka believes in driving mass-adoption of electric transportation by making electric scooter ownership affordable and hassle-free. It believes everyone should have access to sustainable transportation and is setting new standards with its offer:

• ‘Rider Plans’ for owning Elka electric scooters can be accessed for as little as £19.50 per month.

• All riders get access to an online electric scooter safety course with certification on completion.

• Rider Support is available to all riders 24/7 with a guaranteed on-demand repairs service

• The Elka Model-T is the world’s first electric scooter with a removable battery – making running out of charge a thing of the past.

• The company has pledged to plant a tree for every Model-T it sells.