A couple who were out walking their pet pooches over the weekend have told of their surprise when one of their rescue dogs stumbled upon a canine abandoned in the woods.

it was 8am Sunday, January 5 when Liz, husband Sam, their 15-month daughter and two dogs Cosmo and Wally were out for a stroll in Cannon Hill Common.

Early in the walk through the woodland, rescue dog Wally started behaving strangely.

Wimbledon Times:

Wally the rescue dog

"He disappeared into the woods," Liz said.

"He ran back t us appearing panicked, then back into the woods again over and over until he had done enough to convince us to follow."

What they found away from the paths, behind a fallen tree and shrubbery was a carry case containing a very frightened little dog.

Wimbledon Times:

"She was zipped in with her bed, favourite fluffy fish toy, collar and lead," Liz added.

"She was carefully cuddled home and after a quick drink, and further cuddles in the warm, was taken to the vets to be checked over and collected by the local dog warden who can give her the best chance of finding out if she had a loving owner somewhere.

"A number of people have since come forward hoping that she is their stolen or lost dog."

Liz and Sam got Wally from Serbia Forgotten Paw, and they hope others may take inspiration from his story and consider adopting a pet of their own.