A wanted man has been arrested for shoplifting after he "tried to jump off a railing".

Shelley Chowdhury was paying for her shopping at the Colliers Wood Sainsbury's on Tuesday when she turned around to see a man being detained by security.

"I heard some commotion and turned around to see it happen," she said.

"The security were checking his bag, one security found alcohol which I'm presuming he stole.

"Then suddenly he started to run. Around seven to eight security got involved and then he attempted to jump off the railing into the escalator.

"He had one leg hanging ready to jump.

"One of the security got punched in the face and his glasses went flying."

Police were called and it turned out he was wanted for a further offence.

"Officers were called to Sainsburys in Colliers Wood at 2.50pm to reports that security at the venue had detained a suspected shoplifter.

"Upon arrival, the male was searched and found to have items on him that had not been paid for.

"Carrying out a name check on the male, officers found that he was wanted for a separate offence of GBH which happened in August, so he was further arrested in relation to this matter.

"The male was taken to a South London custody base where he will be interviewed for both crimes."