London Ambulance Service (LAS) warned residents against calling 999 outside of emergency situations again as they experienced high demand on Tuesday evening (November 26).

A spokesperson for LAS said that paramedics in the capital would tonight prioritize only “the most critically ill and injured patients” while warning others in need of rapid medical assistance could face longer waits.

On Twitter, a spokesperson for LAS said:

“We are busy again this evening and must prioritise the most critically ill and injured patients.

“Those with non-life threatening conditions may unfortunately wait longer than usual.

“Please only ring us back if the patient’s condition changes, or you wish to cancel the ambulance.”

An earlier statement posted on Tuesday revealed that LAS had also been stretched by a high number of calls on Monday evening, with activity peaking around 6pm.

“As we approach the evening we are asking Londoners to use alternatives where possible: including seeing your GP, pharmacist or going to,” the LAS spokesperson said.