It was just before Christmas last year when Nicole Sheppard started feeling unwell.

The 52-year-old Mitcham grandmother went to her GP multiple times only to be told that she had a chest infection.

"She even told them her left lung is sticking out more," Nicole's daughter Bethany told the Wimbledon Times.

Then two months ago the doctors referred her to get a CT scan.

The results were heartbreaking.

"They told us she had small cell lung cancer which is the most aggressive form," Bethany added.

"It has been so hard finding out she has such a nasty disease.

"But then a few weeks later we found out it is terminal and she has 6-12 months to live."

The family have been told that doctors will be treating her condition with chemotherapy which may reduce the tumour, but never cure it.

Nicole's left left lung has also fully collapsed and she has been in and out of hospital since she received the horrible news.


"She’s had pneumonia and a chest infection which they sent her home with saying she was ok but we were back just a few days later," Bethany continued.

"Last week she started losing her hair and is now basically bald.

"From seeing my active, bubbly mum to now not even being able to walk up the stairs is absolutely devastating.

"It’s destroying our family."

But they aren't giving up hope.

After speaking to a few consultants and doing hours upon hours of research themselves, they discovered a treatment called immunotherapy.

This is a type of cancer treatment that helps a person's immune system fight cancer.

But their only option for Nicole to receive the treatment is to go private, something they can't afford.

"We are trying to raise £55,000," Bethany said.

"Someone in the hospital suggested a GoFundMe page as they said it can really help.

"It is a lot of money but anything is worth a try.

"It would mean absolutely everything to me and my family as we need and depend on my mum.

"She is all we have ever had and she is an amazing mother. She is 52 years old with three kids and five grandkids and we will do anything we can to help her."