A Wimbledon mum has spoken out about receiving a life-changing diabetes monitor through the NHS Long Term Plan.

The device, which is the size of a £2 coin and worn on the arm, means people with Type 1 diabetes do not have to carry out multiple painful finger-prick checks to monitor their blood sugar levels.

Instead, people with the condition can monitor their blood sugar levels in a much more convenient way.

“As a freelance press photographer and a busy mum of two young girls, I never wanted my condition to get in the way of my two favourite jobs," Katie Young, 40, from Wimbledon said.

"Before I was offered the opportunity to use the new device, I always felt that the multiple finger prick checks I needed to make each day were a continuous reminder of my condition interfering with my everyday life.

"The monitor has been instrumental in giving me the freedom to do what I love without interruption.”

People with Type 1 diabetes who have low blood sugar levels are at risk of hypoglycaemia, which can involve seizures and a loss of consciousness.

Those with high blood sugar levels can be at risk of serious long term health conditions, such as blindness and heart problems if left untreated.

Dr Vin Diwakar, medical director for the NHS in London said: “People living with diabetes can find it easier to manage their condition effectively without having to carry out frequent, inconvenient and painful finger prick tests throughout the day.

"Technology continues to adapt to meet our needs and with the right clinical evidence, we are determined to ensure that we make it available to people who need it the most.”

New data revealed today shows the early success of the scheme funded by the NHS Long Term Plan with 3,382 patients in London already in receipt of monitors within the first three months.

The NHS is writing to leaders to ensure this rapid uptake continues to ensure people across the country reap the benefits of the life changing technology.