For many, St Andrew's Church in Wimbledon has been a part of every day life.

However, the story of its history, location and mission started out from humble beginnings.

It all started in 1882 when a small gathering of 10 people at Holy Trinity Church on the Broadway came together with the mission of initiating a new worship group to pray for their community.

With the permission of the landlord, they were able to pray in the dwellings of an attic above some stables on Kingston Road and this continued for a year.

"The diocese, recognising their efforts and seeing the congregation grow, decided to present them with a strip of land behind Hartfield Road," Charlie Lamont, the church's current priest in charge said.

"Still affiliated with Holy Trinity Church, they built a shack on the site of the current church where the congregation continued to meet for another year offering three services on a Sunday including mass and evensong based on the Anglican faith and the Book of Common Prayer, a tradition which continues to the present day.

"St Andrew’s mission to serve the community saw them buy a property ten years later in Cochraine Road where they had more space to offer Bible studies and theological talks. Yet the ‘little mission station’ on Herbert Road continued to be its central hub of worship."

This is when the hard work and determination of those first 10 people started to pay off.

In 1907 they had enough people and money to build a brick-built church, which was consecrated one hundred and ten years ago on September 25, 1909.

This anniversary was recently celebrated with a commemorative service.

“It was a joy to be able to preside over a combined service which brought together the different styles of worship we have at St Andrew's, with a full congregation," Revd Lamont added.

"We are one body worshiping Jesus, In different ways perhaps, but still one God.”