Controversial plans to turn a former Mitcham fire station into flats have been withdrawn.

Earlier this year the site in Lower Green West was purchased by Parkside Property Limited for £670,000.

The plans - which would have seen a total of seven flats not only built on the fire station, but next to it as well - were met with disappointment from Mitcham Cricket Green Community & Heritage secretary Tony Burton.

He argued that the site would have been better used as something like a community arts centre.

Wimbledon Times:

So when the news broke that the applicants had withdrawn the plans, he was overjoyed.

"We're delighted the application to convert and extend the historic fire station for flats has been withdrawn," he said.

"It was riddled with design, land ownership and legal issues.

"We stand ready to engage with the developers to help design a scheme which will enhance Cricket Green conservation area."

It is unclear the reason for the withdrawal.