A Wimbledon man who had a Penalty Charge Notice overturned says Merton Council is "over complicating" a junction in the middle of town to "profit from fines."

David Reed was issued with his PCN on May 2 this year for an illegal turn into Queen's Road from The Broadway.

He pleaded his case to the council and said the junction in question was so confusing to navigate that it took him "some considerable time" searching online to figure out what he had even done wrong.

His plea was knocked back though, with the council stating that proper signage is available. But he wasn't done yet.

He appealed again, this time to the Environment and Traffic Adjudicators who ruled in his favour in August.

Now Mr Reed is calling on the council to change the set-up on the road so that similar drivers do not have to go through the same headache that he did.

"The fact it took me so much time to figure out how the junction works retrospectively is the main reason why the junction needs to be changed," he said.

"Hesitation on the roads can kill.

"As town planners, the council should be making the areas under their control easy to understand and safe to use.

"I strongly believe that Merton Council is purposefully over complicating the junction in question to profit from fine."

This isn't the first time the junction has come under scrutiny either.

Last year it was revealed that more than 10,000 drivers had been fined £1.5million since 2015 for traffic violations at the Queen's Road junction.

Mr Reed said the results speak for themself.

"Because of the junctions obfuscated design, good, honest people are being made to feel like criminals and then being plundered for their hard-earned money - we are tired of the injustice," he added.

"Merton Council needs to change the junction so that it is clear, safe and easy to navigate."

But it doesn't seem like change will be coming anytime soon.

“The council is aware of the requirements for road signage and the junction in Queen’s Road is fully compliant," Cabinet Member for Regeneration, Housing and Transport, Councillor Martin Whelton said.

"We always take any comments made by the Environment and Traffic Adjudicators extremely seriously.”