A "prolific offender" who stole deliveries from people’s doorsteps has been banned from being near people's driveways for three years.

Ivan Ballard was issued a Criminal Behaviour Order from Dundonald Ward police which began on September 12 and covers the entire borough of Merton.

Whilst this order is in force, he must comply with the following provisions:

  • Do not be present on any person's (unknown to Ballard) driveway, front gardens, porch or pathway leading to their premises in the London Borough of Merton, without the permission of the occupier.
  • Do not be in possession, in public, of any mail not addressed to himself (Ballard) or being sent by him to another.

Police added that if he does not comply with all of the provisions, he will be committing a criminal offence. If anyone sees this individual breaking the above conditions you are asked to call 101.