A burst main in Morden has resulted in water being shut off around the area.

The issue in Wandle Road near the junction with Morden Hall Road happened earlier this morning with some residents reporting water pressure in their homes has completely gone.

As a result, SES Water advised residents that they may have to switch off water in the surrounding streets as a result.

Wimbledon Times:

"You may wish to fill a kettle before your supply in interrupted and/or store a jug of water in the fridge," a letter sent to residents read.

"(During the outage) please do not use any household appliances which use water, such as your washing machine, dishwasher or shower.

"You may notice that the water splutters out of the tap (following the outage), which is caused by trapped air, and sometime it may initially appear discoloured. This is quite normal and will clear if you run the tap for a few minutes."

It is not known yet how long the issue will last.