A decision to increase parking charges around Wimbledon has been approved once again - and this time it's here to stay.

Earlier this year a consultation was launched for a proposal that would see on-street parking in Wimbledon town centre rise to £4.50 an hour from £1.20-2.40, while areas such as Raynes Park and Colliers Wood would go up to £3. Those increases were approved in July, but was met with immediate backlash.

The anger was so much so that the decision was called in by the Overview and Scrutiny Commission.

One of the two call in requests was upheld and resulted in additional consultation being carried out.

Now that process has been completed and the parking charge increase will go ahead after all.

The council’s cabinet member for regeneration, housing and transport, Martin Whelton, said: “Over the last month we have carried out further consultation with groups and organisations impacted by the changes in response to the Overview and Scrutiny Commission, we have redoubled our efforts to engage with them and a number of responses were reported to cabinet for their consideration.

“The council has a responsibility to improve air quality and promote active and healthier lifestyles by supporting people to reduce their car use.

"Parking charges are just one aspect of our Air Quality Action Plan which is set to deliver huge benefits for public health while reducing air pollution.”

Deputy leader of the Merton Conservatives, Daniel Holden, has opposed the plans from the beginning and was angered to hear of the latest ruling.

"The decision by the Labour Cabinet to introduce a new £1.6 million tax on Wimbledon has been brought in despite the overwhelming opposition of over 3,000 local residents who told Labour in no uncertain terms that they did not want this new tax grab," he said.

"There has never been any credible evidence put forward to support Labour’s position that taxing parked cars in Wimbledon will improve air quality in Mitcham because none exists.

"It is a tax hike on Wimbledon masquerading as a clean air measure."

Lib Dem parliamentary candidate for Wimbledon Cllr Paul Kohler said: "We are disappointed that the Council is pressing ahead with this policy after admitting at the emergency call-in meeting there was no evidence it would improve air quality.

"We are however pleased that, because of the successful Lib Dem call-in, the council have finally complied with their obligations under the equality legislation and further amended their plan, to avoid it affecting certain groups disproportionately.

"It is important to note this would not have occurred without the Lib Dems successfully calling in the proposal."