Morden Hall Park had it's time in the spotlight as the Antiques Roadshow episode featuring the green surroundings aired on Sunday night.

The first guest of the show had a chance to speak with Alastair Dickenson.

With what looked to the untrained eye as a pair of silver jugs, Alastair bet the eager man that he wouldn't know what they actually were. And right he was.

Alastair takes a closer look and identifies the crest of a bird is featured all around what turns out to be condiment urns.

Wimbledon Times:

“Only in the last 20 years have people realised what these are used for," Alastair said.

But how valuable would the spice holder be?

Well, made in 1759 by William Truitt, Alastair noted that they were “some of the best he’d seen”. and figured they would sell for £3,000, twice what the lucky man bough them for.

Then things moved on to Joanna Hardy and a striking piece jewellery.

Wimbledon Times:

"I went to myself 'they are not costume jewellery, they are all diamonds',” an excited Joanna said.

With a “very very familiar design” her interest is peaked and with good reason too.

Made by the guest's husband, Joanna blows her away by suggesting it might fetch around £20,000 at auction.

Wimbledon Times:

But a loving memory, it won't be sold any time soon.

Chris Yeo then looked perplexed at a plate with a goat painted on it. But it was viewers who were left surprised when the name Pablo Picasso was revealed on the back. A price? About £2,500 and no, he wasn't kidding. "It's a nice goat," Chris added

Wimbledon Times:

Moving on, Lars Tharp was excited about a piece of "furniture bling" from Korea.

Believed to be some form of travelling equipment, it was opened up and unveiled a "spectacular" inside.

Admitting that it might be difficult to put a price on the "furniture transformer."

Wimbledon Times:

Skipping ahead to the end and the big reveal was well worth the wait.

"A sensational self-portrait of John Lennon and Yoko Ono under the signatures, it’s a cracking item," said Hilary Kay.

Handed down from his father, the show's guest revealed that his dad had been working at a studio when he spotted the famous couple. He handed them the card asking for a signature and got a unique drawing back.

He adds that it was misplaced for a while before being rediscovered while cleaning out a coat cupboard.

Wimbledon Times:

Hilary is worried that there is going to be a “terrible disappointment” when they open up the frame and look looking at the back of the card.

“The big reveal…and it’s blank on the back.” Not to worry as it didn't affect the design.

But the question on everyone's lips was how much would it fetch.

"As good a self portrait as you will see of John,"Hilary added.

"Current value between £35,000 and £40,000." Fair to say the crowd was stunned and one man left a lot happier than when he arrived.

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