A Motspur Park man is going to swim the English Channel.

Ben Singer is a doctor with London’s Air Ambulance Charity so while he is used to tough conditions, the 21 mile swim between Dover and France is a challenge like no other.

He will be part of a group of 12 from the charity pushing themselves to their physical and mental limits as they work in two teams of six to swim in relay across the channel.

“I have the privilege of working for London’s Air Ambulance Charity and seeing first-hand the amazing difference it can make to people’s lives," Ben said.

"This work is completely dependent on the generosity of people donating to the charity and I wanted to do something to contribute.

“I specifically wanted to undertake a challenge that no-one could be in any doubt that I would struggle with.

"I figured I would raise much more money if people knew I would be dreading the challenge.”

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As the swimmers battle the elements to reach the finish line they will face varying conditions - temperatures can fall as low as 14C, half that of the average swimming pool, wind force has been known to reach six and wave heights over two meters.

The channel is also one of the busiest shipping lanes in the world, with 600 tankers and 200 ferries passing through each day, meaning swimmers can encounter passing ships as well as jellyfish and sharks.

Jonathan Jenkins, chief executive of the charity said: “I am so proud of this incredible group of people for taking on the Channel to raise life-saving funds for our cause. It won’t be easy, but I hope that everyone in London will get behind the team supporting their efforts and donating if they can, to help spur them on when things get difficult.

"Funds raised by our channel swimmers will help ensure we can deliver our rapid response service, helping us be by the side of those who need us, every second of every day."

The swim will take place between September 6-12.

The team’s target fundraising amount is £25,000 and they have raised almost £10,000 so far, with Ben's fundraising alone contributing more than £1,000 itself.