Have you ever walked around Mitcham and thought to yourself "this would be the perfect spot for a movie starring Will Smith and Martin Lawrence"?

Well at least one person has.

A petition was submitted to the UK Government earlier this year, calling for Bad Boys 4 to be filmed in Mitcham, if the movie itself ever came to fruition.

"Not only will it give Mitcham the big screen credit that it fully deserves but it will also capture the wonderful, vibrant Metropolitan police force that work hard to make the capital a safe place to live," the submission read.

"Mitcham is no stranger to the camera; hit TV shows filmed in Mitcham such as The Bill and Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa have taken over television sets across the country, isn't it time that Mitcham took over cinema screens across the world?

"Filming Bad Boys 4 in Mitcham will put Mitcham on the map as a good place to visit and live, it will bring tourist revenue to Mitcham which can be used to help fund town improvement projects and better education to ensure the prosperity of today's youth."

But much to the disappointment of film-lovers everywhere, the dream was over before it even got started.

It was rejected because "it's about something that the UK Government or Parliament is not responsible for."

The sequel to the 1995 classic came out in 2003, but it was long thought that would be the end for the franchise.

But next year 'Bad Boys for Life', the third movie in the series will be coming to theatres and while there is no official release date or plot for a fourth edition, the possibility remains open.

It just might have to be away from Mitcham.