It seems the Worple Road saga is set to continue after it was once again closed for repair works.

The Wimbledon road was subject to much intrigue last month after a hole opened up in it, causing Thames Water to block it off to traffic.

Eyebrows were raised when the water company said that it would be fixed just one day before the Prudential Ride London was due to travel through it.

All seemed well when the road did indeed re-open and the cyclists were able to make the trip problem free.

But much to the confusion of Councillor Daniel Holden it has once again been closed off.

"Last week senior council managers told Cllr David Williams and me that the work would be finished by August 1 and that the work was going well and would be finished on time," he said.

"It turns out Thames Water, TfL & Ride London decided to do a temporary fix to reopen the road for the cycle race.

"It was then closed again yesterday (August 5) and no one told us until we got complaints coming in."

Wimbledon Times:

He said the elderly are the hardest hit, as the road serves two bus routes that have now been forced to divert.

Signs posted at the site indicate that work will be going on until August 19 and Cllr Holden does not think this is good enough.

"We want the council and Thames Water to get this fixed ASAP, not taking another two weeks," he added.

"We also asked for a minibus service to be put on, they did so for Ride London event, should do the same now."

A spokesman for Thames Water said they were sorry for anyone affected by the road closure.

“This is due to important repair work, which will prevent sewer flooding and protect the environment," he added.

“We were able to open the road ahead of the weekend’s RideLondon event to avoid any disruption but have now had to close it to complete the repairs.”

Merton Council have been contacted for comment.