Police in Colliers Wood have detailed how a year-long investigation into "drug use, loud music and swearing" led to a house being boarded up.

Since September of 2018, PC Cockburn, PCSO Russell and PC Lemos Galvao have been working on a closure order in Harewood Road, due to the amount of anti-social behaviour occurring at the address.

Speaking to the Wimbledon Times about the this, PC Galvao said: "There were visitors coming to the address at all times of day and night, one night having over 60 visitors that would arrive making lots of noise, with loud music and swearing.

"They were aggressive towards each other and the occupant of the house had no control over them.

"They would leave the house making lots of noise, revving vehicles and shouting at each other.

"The house was being used for drug use and the people visiting were mostly linked to crime.

"The owner, the landlord and the resident were all spoken to and challenged regarding the ongoing behaviour."

Then from September that year, the officers sent letters to letting them know that if the activities at the home didn’t stop, police were going to apply to close the premises for three months with a closure order.

PC Galvao added that they were subsequently advised that the resident would leave the property, something the team made sure to keep a close watch on.

"In January we were sure that the problem had not stopped and intelligence gathered supported this," she said

"We then proceeded to detail the intelligence in regards to the anti-social behaviour.

"As part of the investigation several officers provided statements relating to incidents they had attended at the premises reinforcing the ongoing issues."

The on July 25 this year they attended Wimbledon Magistrates Court and after evaluating the evidence, the district judge granted the closure order, which lasts for three months.

From court they went straight to the home and the resident left immediately.

"We were very pleased with the result, as we put a lot of work into this," PC Galvao added.

"The residents were very happy with the outcome and thanked us for restoring peace and tranquillity back to the neighbourhood."

A Closure Power allows police to restrict access to properties or open land, whether enclosed or not, that have been identified as a source of ASB and crime.

Closure powers can ban specified people entering a premises, and in some cases, even the owner or main resident. In this case the closure order we applied was for anyone that enters the premises, even the owner and landlord.