Have you ever fancied looking down during a toilet break and seeing your name etched into the urinal?

Or what about having it on show for all to see as it is inscribed into a beer tap?

Well those are some of the perks AFC Wimbledon is offering people as part of its crowdfunding campaign for the new stadium.

A message on the football club's website explained.

"As you all know by now, we’ve launched a crowdfunding campaign to help pay for our new stadium back at our spiritual home in Plough Lane," it read.

"We want you to buy shares in our club, in the certain knowledge that you will be investing in one of the most incredible stories the beautiful game has ever witnessed.

"Seventeen years ago we were stripped of our name, our place in the Football League and moved 70 miles away from our home. The thought of ever returning to Wimbledon could be summed up in one word: Impossible.

"Now it’s within our grasp and we should be kicking off season 2020/21 just 250 yards from where the Crazy Gang turned us into the nation’s favourite underdogs.

"Which is why we’ve now come up with the following rewards package which, we believe, is unique in the history of the game."

The perks for donating range from your name being permanently recorded on an investors’ wall, along with other £10 shareholders, to becoming vice-president of the club for 10 years for the low cost of £100,000.

And if you were curious just how much it would cost to see your name on a urinal or beer tap, it's £500 and it will be there for an entire season.