A Wimbledon woman could soon be named the hottest vegan over the age of 50.

But this contest is about more than just headshots and how you look in a bikini.

The PETA led competition said there were three distinct categories that people would be judged on.

Taking out the obvious age bracket, the two remaining qualifications were "are you attractive."

"We don’t mean having great headshots or a certain body mass index," the statement by PETA read.

"We’re looking for vegans who are compassionate, enthusiastic, dedicated, optimistic, smart, fun, encouraging, and uplifting – all these virtues are super-attractive."

The last one was whether or not a person takes action for animals.

"There are many, many ways to help make the world a kinder place for animals, and we want to hear yours," the message continued.

"From organising protests to rescuing abused and neglected animals to sharing delicious vegan meals with your community, the sky’s the limit."

And it seems that Wimbledon woman Jane Feagan ticked all those boxes.

A 52-year-old receptionist and carer to her 90-year-old vegan mother, Jane beat out other entrants from across the UK and Ireland to nab a spot amonf the final 12.

A long-time vegetarian and "friend to animals", Jane went vegan 12 years ago and said she has never been more fit, healthy, or happy.

PETA director Elisa Allen praised all of this year's finalists.

"Jane Feagan is a dedicated, compassionate, lifelong hero for animals," she said.

"All the finalists of PETA's Hottest Vegan Over 50 Competition are true testaments to the vitality and joy that come from vegan eating."

This year's winner will be announced on August 12.