Lightning has reportedly struck the old fire station in Wimbledon this evening.

Pictures from the scene show smoke coming out of the High Street building, with many saying on social media that the fire was caused by a lightning strike.

Alasdair Bater described the moment the strike happened.

"I was in my kitchen making a drink and I literally saw a massive flash of light," he said "Then about 5 minutes later we saw loads of fire engines going up."

At least two fire engines, as well as officers from the Met Police are at the scene.

Wimbledon Times:

Stuart Fraser praised the work of the emergency services.

“I was sitting in my living room with the windows open cause it’s been roasting hot all day and, possibly around half five, there was one of the loudest rumbles of thunder i’ve ever heard," he said.

“I quickly went to shut all my windows cause I figured it’s lightening, and rain was on the way.

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“I went upstairs to the top bedroom which has a skylight in it.

“And just after I shut the window, I was just putting some towels away actually, there was just this flash which lit up the room and I was thought ‘Christ, that was close.

Wimbledon Times:

Picture: Sam Riches

“So I then looked out the window, I actually thought it hit the Dog and Fox pub but when I looked out the window I could see people looking forwards towards there [Old Fire Station].

“Smoke was billowing out initially and then gradually got worse over the next 20 minutes.

“The fire brigade have done an amazing job, they were so quick on the scene.

“I think they’ve hopefully prevent a lot of damage.”

The lightning is believed to have struck the building some time around 6.30pm this evening.

Some road closures are in place.

London Fire Brigade have been approached for comment but a police officer on the ground has said that he "does not believe" anyone was hurt.