Huge plans to redevelop the "poor and deteriorating" YMCA building in Wimbledon have been met with criticism from local councillors.

Details published on the charity's website revealed that the goal is to build a total of 139 new homes as part of separate 15 and 6 storey designs for the Broadway building.

As well as this, the new YMCA block would contain 124 new bedrooms (as a seven storey building with eighth storey set back), a new gym, cafe and a general children's area.

But two councillors for Trinity ward where the building is situated have questioned whether the proposal would fit in with its surroundings.

“We do not support the proposals to build a new 15 storey YMCA," Conservative Councillor James Holmes said.

"The proposed height is totally unacceptable in that part of the Broadway, and the Conservative Group has made this clear in our submission to the Future Wimbledon Masterplan.

"We know how concerned local people are by these proposals, we ask the YMCA to think again and work with the community the shape new proposals that would have the support of local residents.”

The message from the YMCA read that plans to refurbish the building rather than redeveloped were considered in the same way its Surbiton building was.

But this idea was scrapped when it was "made clear" to the charity that a renovation would result in a reduction of bed spaces and "would not match the standards its residents deserved."

Lib Dem Councillor Paul Kohler said although the building is in dire need of a makeover, he doesn't want this type of precedent set.

“The YMCA, its classes, gym, cafe and social housing, is a much loved jewel in the heart of my ward bordering the South Park Gardens conservation area," he said.

"Unfortunately the building is a crumbling eyesore and my constituents are eager for a suitable replacement to be built that enhances the area.

"Previous plans to build a 22 storey skyscraper have understandably aroused residents’ suspicions and it’s crucial that any redevelopment respects the locality and does not set a precedent for tall buildings along the Broadway.”

The YMCA statement also added that a "substantial" level of public space would be part of the development.

Two potential designs for the public space were included.

One would include a market space, while the other would see more greenery planted, focusing on trees.