Huge plans to redevelop the "poor and deteriorating" YMCA building in Wimbledon have been revealed.

Details published on the charity's website outline that the goal is to build a total of 139 new homes as part of separate 15 and 6 storey designs for the Broadway building.

Wimbledon Times:

As well as this, the new YMCA block would contain 124 new bedrooms (as a seven storey building with eighth storey set back), a new gym, cafe and a general children's area.

"Our board have looked at whether the YMCA Wimbledon could be refurbished – in the way that our YMCA Surbiton building has been," a message attached to the design proposals read.

"However, feedback made it clear that renovating the existing building would lead to a reduction in the number of bedspaces, would not match the standards our residents deserve and was not financially viable.

"As a result the re-development (rather than refurbishment) of YMCA Wimbledon has been identified as the only way to keep the facility on site."

Wimbledon Times:

The existing building

The YMCA statement added that a "substantial" level of public space "for the whole local community to come and enjoy" would be part of the development.

"We would like it to be inviting for everyone to access and enjoy.

"The space has an urban character and would act as a buffer to the residential area and the busy Broadway. It will be closed overnight to prevent antisocial behaviour.

"The exact design of the public realm is yet to be finalised."

Wimbledon Times:

Two potential designs for the public space were included however.

Wimbledon Times:

One would include a market space, while the other would see more greenery planted, focusing on trees.