Controversial Australian tennis star Nick Kyrgios had an "unorthodox" preparation for his match against Rafael Nadal at Wimbledon - a trip to the pub.

The 24-year-old was spotted at the Dog and Fox pub on Wimbledon High Street on Wednesday night.

Sports journalist Miguel Seabra tweeted that he had shared "a toast" with Kyrgios and his friends during the evening.

He wrote on Twitter: "I just had a toast with Nick Kyrgios at the Dog & Fox.

"He is completely relaxed, laughing with friends, chatting with girls, drinking."

Mr Seabra added: "Quite an unorthodox preparation for tomorrow's blockbuster, uh? I like it."

But unfortunately for the Australian, the preparation wasn't enough to secure him a victory over the multiple grand slam champion Nadal, as he went down in four sets on Thursday.

Mr Seabra said Kyrgios had left the pub two hours before his own departure.

Kyrgios is known for his occasional volatile behaviour while playing on court.

During his five-setter victory against fellow Australian Jordan Thompson in the first round he earned a code violation for whacking a ball out of court.

He exchanged jokes with the crowd, practised cricket and dived extravagantly while chasing a shot.

The Australian was fined more than £13,000 for his behaviour at Queen's Club last month.

After his first round match Kyrgios was asked whether he had a good relationship with Spain's Nadal.

"Not sure that me and Rafa could go down to the Dog & Fox and have a beer together," he admitted.

After news of the pub visit broke, Mr Seabra rose to his defence on Twitter.

He wrote: "Did what many used to do in the past & some still do.

"Especially Aussies, who went for a drink before facing each other the next day!"