A bag full of living cats was found dumped in Morden Hall Park on the weekend.

Posting on its Facebook page, Coulsdon charity The New Moon Rescue told of the heartbreaking tale.

"An unbelievable cruel act which could have ended very differently for two young mums and their seven tiny kittens," the post read.

"Found Sunday evening by a couple walking through Morden Hall Park in a large bag. They thankfully took the family home and kept them safe until Monday, when they were taken to Medivet until we could collect."

Heidi Sohail manages the team of volunteers at the charity and said that the mums, now named Mulan and Rapunzel, could have been in the park for quite some time as they were found dehydrated.

The nine felines are now part of a 38-strong group residing at the charity, but only a handful are able to be rehomed due to a range of injuries or illnesses.

"Many stray cats people spot are elderly, sick, injured or traumatised," she said.

"Some are feral, meaning they have not had much, or any, human contact and others are traumatised through the shock of being lost or abandoned, previous bad treatment or neglect.

"We now try and take in any cat in danger because if no rescue place is offered anywhere else then many people feel they have no choice but to consider leaving their cat behind when they move or when the cat’s owner passes away, becomes unable to care for them and/or goes into a home. This cat will become another stray so we aim to spare them that ordeal and get them to safety."

She added that the charity has a strict no kill policy and home checks are done by a person, not a google search.

"Lapsed domestic and feral cats need time after arriving but if they can not accept human contact or are considered unpredictable and dangerous in their behaviour, then we find suitable homes for them as working cats usually on farms or yards," she said.

"They often make the best rodent patrol and are fed twice a day and have safety and shelter for the rest of their lives.

"All are checked for a microchip regardless of how feral they are and when possible returned to owners, when not, they are rehomed after neutering and microchipping."

Run entirely by volunteers, you can donate to the charity by emailing thenewmoonrescue@hotmail.com.