Skye MacFarlane had never been to a major tennis tournament before, let alone shared the same patch of grass as some of the sport's greats.

She grew up on a cattle station in Australia's Northern Territory and was admittedly "a long way from anywhere."

As a lover of tennis, she hoped to one day change all that.

So she applied to become a court attendant at the Wimbledon Championships then lo and behold, she was accepted.

"It’s very competitive so I was very fortunate to be selected for such an amazing experience," she said.

"I had some good references from tennis back in Australia so that definitely helped."

So over she came and was immediately put to work.

First she did a week at the qualifying events where she got accustomed to the tricks of the trade before the main event started this week.

Wimbledon Times:

"Obviously the job at Wimbledon is a lot more intense," she added.

"Our role includes dressing and undressing courts, holding umbrellas and helping with anything the players need.

"We get here early in the morning, uncover the courts so the guys can do the lines and mow the grass, or do anything that they need to do."

The hours are intense as well. On day one of the tournament she and her crew of six didn't finish up until 9.30pm.

But you won't hear her complaining.

"We have long days but you definitely make the most of it, you’re at Wimbledon so you don’t really want a short day," she said.

"It’s pretty incredible that we essentially get front row seats for some of the best tennis in the world.

"It’s a big honour."

So for the next two weeks, Skye will be calling court 14 her home and soaking up all the tournament has to offer, before she makes the long trek back to Australia.

"It still feels a bit surreal to be honest," she added.

"It almost feels like I’m not even here yet, but it has been fantastic."