Teachers at a South Wimbledon school have said the implementation of child-sized standing desks have been a massive success.

Wimbledon's Holy Trinity C of E Primary School was invited to test the 'Yo-Yo Desk' because the company wanted to see how it would stand up to everyday classroom usage, and whether there were certain pupils who would most benefit from active working principle.

As well as teaching year 2, Kerryn Witting is also the South Wimbledon school’s healthy schools leader and praised the initiative.

“I would have a classroom full of these standing desks if I could,” she said.

“At the least, a group of six desks in the classroom would be wonderful so we could use them for group work.

"I find children using the desk have better concentration, motivation and it helps focus their energy levels.

“The children love using it, and it is particularly helpful for pupils with attention issues.

"It makes them less likely to fidget, and obviously can’t swing on their chairs. Standing up, and being able to shift from foot to foot definitely improves concentration when we are doing lessons where their mind can wander.”

Mrs Witting added that the desks have made for a more settled classroom.

“I sometimes mark books at it while the children are working," she said.

"Standing time helps my lower back, and because I am raised above the height of the children I can see if any of them are having problems. I love it.”