The candidates to fill the vacant Cannon Ward councillor position have been announced.

Mark Kenny stepped down from his role earlier this month, citing health concerns as a major reason.

As a result of the resignation, a by-election will now be held to fill the empty seat.

The nomination process for candidates opens on May 16 finished on May 23, with five nominees having thrown their hat in the ring.

These are:

Labour - Ryan Barnett

Lib Dem - Jenifer Gould

UKIP - Andrew Mills

Green Party - Susie O'Connor

Conservative - Michael Paterson

The Wimbledon Times then approached each political party and asked each candidate to spell out why they should be the new Cannon Hill councillor.

Of the five, Labour, Lib Dem, Green Party and Conservatives responded by the time of print.

Here is why Jenifer Gould thinks she should be the Cannon Hill councillor.

“I have lived in this area for the past eight years and have experienced the issues that local residents have to put up with: from mucky streets caused by a failing waste collection service, to a spate of burglaries that will only get worse if the closure of Wimbledon Police Station goes ahead.

“Labour’s Merton Council have failed to address the issues that matter to us, and have taken Cannon Hill residents for granted for far too long. Cannon Hill is ready for a fresh start, and I am standing as the Liberal Democrat candidate to give them that fresh start.

“The Lib Dems are now Wimbledon’s biggest party. We won the most votes in the European elections, beating both Labour and the Conservatives. I’ve spoken to many former Conservative and Labour voters who are switching to us, and with their support we can win here in Cannon Hill.”