The candidates to fill the vacant Cannon Ward councillor position have been announced.

Mark Kenny stepped down from his role earlier this month, citing health concerns as a major reason.

As a result of the resignation, a by-election will now be held to fill the empty seat.

The nomination process for candidates opens on May 16 finished on May 23, with five nominees having thrown their hat in the ring.

These are:

Labour - Ryan Barnett

Lib Dem - Jenifer Gould

UKIP - Andrew Mills

Green Party - Susie O'Connor

Conservative - Michael Paterson

The Wimbledon Times then approached each political party and asked each candidate to spell out why they should be the new Cannon Hill councillor.

Of the five, Labour, Lib Dem, Green Party and Conservatives responded by the time of print.

Here is why Susie O'Conor thinks she should be the Cannon Hill councillor. "I have deep roots in Merton where I have lived in for 30 years. I work for the Foreign Office and have represented the UK overseas in a number of countries.

"The Green Party is campaigning to restore £50 billion taken from councils since 2010. I will be a champion for investment in local services, improving public spaces, increasing access to social housing and providing more walking, cycling and public transport opportunities.

"I am backing a campaign with other residents calling on Merton Council to commit to becoming carbon neutral by 2030. We shall shortly be presenting a petition to the council.

"I will also campaign for accountability for residents of Housing Associations, better management of outsourced waste management, reversal of cuts to Adult Social Care and better care for our local green spaces.

"Electing me will provide the challenge which Merton Council needs to be more responsive to the needs of all of its residents."