There are blue skies and even flights of green feathers shooting past my window each morning. Even with little sleep, it's difficult to not feel a new energy in Wimbledon. A desire to swim when time allows and an appetite to enjoy the evening once the kids have gone to bed has certainly been renewed.

The Easter Weekend was just glorious. I'm sure every Easter Bunny woke up early relieved it was a beautiful day to hide some chocolate eggs amongst the apple blossom and forget-me-nots.

I'm quite strict about sugar consumption in my house, but I've learnt through the years that the fun is searching high and low rather than devouring as many as they can in an hour. Plus, it's a mother’s duty to protect their little teeth by eating the Lindt chocolate bunnies whilst watching The Durrells.

There were numerous egg hunts for children dotted around Wimbledon; from Cannizaro's flower garden to Morden Hall Park's woodland adventure. However, my mini family continues the tradition of my own childhood and thus we travel to my mother’s home across the river to see who will win the trophy for finding the most eggs in her garden.

On the way, we passed the most beautiful sight and I had to pull over, lynch the iPads off the kids and ask them to pile out of the car to see the Wimbledon Village Stables crew enjoying a pint outside the Crooked Billet.

My friend, the Fantastic Mr Fudge was there and we enjoyed catching up with the riders and stroking the horses in the warm spring sunshine on the green. We parted ways knowing that it was only a few days until we would meet again at the Hand in Hand relaunch party.

A few Lindt chocolate scoffing evenings later, a busier and more bustling pub presented itself to Wimbledon Common. There were crowds of merry locals, who were welcomed by the Hand in Hand's Pub Landlord, Andrew. Plenty of banter, beer and even fresh warm pies filled the room as friends and familiar faces exchanged conversation, whilst London Symphony brass band pelted out a few good jolly tunes. As I arrived, Darling Magazine Editor Karine Torr was rushing out to her daughter's gig in London but wanted a photo of the both of us. A quick photo line-up consisted of Andrew, Flora Firth, Wimbledon Village's infamous pony and Miss London 2018 who has recently joined the long line of pint pulling guests.

As the red sun settled across the common, Wimbledon's green parakeets and I were tweeting on the way home to our nests that the Rose & Crown have also added some new jewels & feathers to their much loved crest. Chirping in chorus, we all agreed that a new season of bloom has finally arrived, leaving a great excuse to spend more time in Wimbledon’s glorious pubs.

Wishing you a wonderful May Bank Holiday Weekend.