A Wimbledon man has blown away the competition on a new television show with what he describes as a "product powered by plants."

Von Sy was given the chance to showcase his child-friendly cleaning product 'Nimble' on BBC's 'The customer is always right' and he did not disappoint, managing to come out as one of the winners of the 15-part series.

Mr Sy said he first had the idea for his cleaning product when his niece was born.

Her mother was always telling me about the trouble she had washing the milk bottle," he said.

"It would always go cloudy or would smell of some bright green liquid.

"Being a chemist I thought I could come up with a product to solve the problem."

And that's when Nimble was born.

The show itself saw three entrepreneurs an per episode come together to discover what a cast of returning customers thought of their products.

The customers comprised of famous YouTubers, alongside unknown groups of family and friends from across the country.

They would then test the entrepreneurs' products and give their thoughts.

"It was an incredible feeling to win," Mr Sy said.

"It was a really good validation of the hard work I've put into the business.

"It was my first time being able to see raw reactions about the product and I didn’t know how it would go, but thank god it went well."

What's next for the Wimbledon businessman now you may ask?

Well based on the early results, no matter what happens, he will certainly be kept busy.

"We just want to make sure we keep on building on the exposure on the show, doing things on social media and getting influencers to share the product," Mr Sy added.

"After the show our orders increased 30-fold.

"So at the moment we are very busy, but it’s a good kind of busy."