A long-time Dons supporter has described the humorous moment she was caught up in her team's celebration against Luton.

AFC Wimbledon fan Anna Slade was in the crowd when Steve Seddon scored an extra-time equaliser on April 23 to secure a valuable point.

During the frenzy that followed, fellow Dons player Anthony Wordsworth jumped into the crowd which is when things went a little pear shaped.

"I was briefly 'crowd surfed', then unceremoniously dropped onto my bottom," Anna said.

"I have a big bruise, but otherwise I am fine.

"I have to say, the St John's Ambulance crew at Luton were absolutely fantastic. They gave me all the treatment I needed."

As a way of making amends for the unfortunate injury, Anna was presented with flowers by Wally Downes, received an apology from Wordsworth, before joining the players for a less raucous celebration this time around.

"It was really kind of Wally and the players to be concerned about me, and Anthony, in particular, apologised very nicely to me," she added.

"It was a delight to meet them all after the game, to be able to show them that I really am OK now, as evidenced by the picture of me dancing with Anthony and Bayzo.

“I think they did intend to give me the flowers at that time, but with all the excitement it got overlooked.

"That's why I went to the training ground on the morning to pick them up from Wally and the players.

"Seriously though, it is the kindness shown by Wally and the team that make me proud to belong to this wonderful club that is AFC Wimbledon. Best wishes, and here's hoping for a great result against Bradford on Saturday.”

The Dons will hope to get a win over cellar-dwellers Bradford, which will secure them a place in League One for next season.