For the first time in more than 20 years, Wimbledon's Moffat Estate is undergoing a paint job.

But since those works began earlier this week, the daughter of a woman living there said that residents have been left vomiting, suffering from headaches and feeling generally sick.

"These buildings are very contained so a lot of fumes are in the air," Sabrina Rahman told the Wimbledon Times.

"We aren’t sure what the product is, it is making people sick."

Ms Rahman, along with her daughter, regularly visit her mother Shelley in the Gap Road building, which is run by Clarion Housing.

She said they were informed in February that works would be carried out, but that no specifics were given.

When she asked the housing association what exactly they were putting on the walls to help strip the paint off, she was only told that "it was safe."

But that wasn't good enough for her.

"It is causing headaches and vomiting and my daughters asthma flared up when we went over," Ms Rahman added.

"There are elderly people who are suffering.

"It isn't taking care of your residents if they aren’t making clear what they are using.

"It seem to be going down the way of a Grenfell tower, because people might not know what they are smelling and breathing in."

When approached about what exactly was being used, Clarion Housing said only that the contractor "is using a water-based product to carry out the work, which is not harmful.”

But still the headaches and vomiting continue.

"If I can't drink it then it can't be that safe can it," Ms Rahman said.

"I had to tell my mother to get out of that house for a couple of days, just for her own safety.