A Wimbledon woman who stepped in to care for some of the smallest and most vulnerable animals when their mums were nowhere to be found has been praised.

Each year hundreds of kittens are brought to Battersea Cats and Dogs Home's three rescue centres, many of which have been found as strays, some without their mother to care for them.

Last year, almost 25 per cent of the cats taken in by the charity were under the age of six months, including many who were only a few weeks old and too young to fend for themselves.

Fortunately for these kittens, the charity has dedicated foster carers who give up their time to look after rescued animals who need a little extra love and help until they are ready to be adopted,

including Wimbledon's own Roxy Mok.

Roxy recently celebrated her third anniversary of becoming a foster carer for kittens and has loved being able to help out any way she can.

"The best thing about fostering kittens is seeing them grow up and go on to their new homes," she said.

"Knowing that you have made a difference by helping shape such an important part of their lives and giving them the best start possible.”

Kittens would usually spend the first eight weeks of their lives with their mother as she will need to feed them and teach them survival skills until they are ready to be independent young cats.

If a mother has abandoned her kittens before this age, a foster carer will take on the role of mum including regular bottle feeds around the clock.