Well, it happened again. Yet another lorry driver got themselves stuck in the Lower Downs Road bridge.

In a tale as old as time, traffic running through the road was brought to a halt yesterday evening as crews tried to recover the vehicle.

This is the second time this year that a lorry has been captured trying (and failing) to fit through.

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"But how do they not see the signs" is a question many people must be wondering, and Councillor Daniel Holden is one of them.

"I'm flabbergasted by the sheer incompetence of some drivers," he said of seeing the latest driver fall victim.

"Not hard to avoid low bridges with warning signs, flashing alerts and bright lights on."

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Indeed this was meant to stop in 2016 when a bright yellow sign with the words "low bridge" was placed above the notorious site.

But it just hasn't done the trick as pictures of drivers caught in prickly positions just keep emerging.