Students and staff at a Morden primary school have rallied around one of their own after five-year-old Luke Lydon was diagnosed with a rare blood disease.

A pupil at St John Fisher School, Luke's family were told six weeks ago that he would require a bone marrow transplant due to him developing aplastic anaemia.

"I've still not got my head around it," Luke's father Sean told the Wimbledon Times.

"It was a big shock and we're not even really sure where we go from here.

"We're meeting with doctors again next week but we know it is going to be a long process."

Aplastic anaemia is when the bone marrow and the hematopoietic stem cells that reside there are damaged. This causes a deficiency of red and white blood cells as well as the platelets.

While Luke is on the transplant list, waiting to find a matching donor, his father said that only about 1 in 800 people are even able to lend a helping hand.

But in a heart-warming show of solidarity, Luke's school has organised a registration event where people can come down and be tested to see if they are a match.

"The charity DKMS send out kits and it's just a simple swab test," Sean added.

"We are asking everyone who is 17 to 55 years old to come down next week and register with DKMS in the hope of one day being a successful match for someone, if not Luke, in need of donor.

"As well as getting help for Luke, we also want to do this to raise awareness of the disease."

But these tests don't come cheap.

Each kit costs £40 to process, so as a result, a Justgiving page was set up to try and cover the costs.

And people have come out in droves to support the cause, with more than £4,000 already being raised in the first three days.

"We are very thankful for the kindness everyone has shown, and just hope that we get as many people down to the school to get tested," Sean said.

"Luke is a fun, loving, energetic boy and would love to be able to go on days out with his brother and family, go back to school and play with all his friends again."

The registration clinic will be taking place at St John Fisher School in Grand Drive from Monday, March 25 and running throughout the week. Times that registrations are open is between 8am and 10am as well as between 2pm and 4pm.

To view the justgiving page, click here.