It takes a lot of guts to quit your job to chase your dream of making waffles.

But that's exactly what these two Wimbledon friends did and they are loving every minute of it.

James Timmins swapped Federer for festivals when he left his chef job serving the players at Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Club; along with Julia who resigned from her front of house role at the High Street's Ivy, trading fine dining for street food.

After years of working in high end hospitality and catering, the duo combined forces to come up with "something new and unseen, light, crispy waffles oozing with flavoursome fillings."

"The secret is stuffing the batter with delicious recipes, meats and cheeses, whilst cooking, resulting in pockets of hot, molten deliciousness," James said.

"We spent months locked in our home kitchen, creating the perfect savoury waffle batter.

"The result is an adaptable and varied menu, full of seasonal flavours. Beautiful food that is unfussy; unexpected yet familiar; indulgent yet healthy and wholesome."

As allergy sufferers themselves, they take intolerances seriously.

The waffles are gluten-free with vegetarian and vegan options. Just a handful of their waffle choices include their own Goan lamb and sultana curry; crispy aromatic duck; spicy mexican pork ; and goats cheese and apricot chutney.

Once the batter and fillings had been perfected, James and Julia turned their attention to a waffle wagon that would underpin their exciting new venture.

And ‘Reggie’ a 1975 vintage ford transit proved to be the perfect solution.