A Wimbledon man has described the financial burden that was placed on him after being diagnosed with testicular cancer.

Justin Robertson was just 24 when he was delivered the bad news.

But during the course of his treatment, the costs continued to build-up.

“After being diagnosed with testicular cancer in October 2016, I had a lot running through my head but one thing that I didn't initially consider was the impact cancer would have on my finances," he said.

"As a young professional, the cost of living in London can be a real challenge even when you’re in good health.

"With much higher heating bills and the various transport costs for my long journeys to the hospital, the unexpected expense of my cancer really added up."

But during that period of uncertainty was when Macmillan Cancer Support stepped in to help.

Last year about £27,250 was given to people in Merton living with cancer who were experiencing financial hardship.

More than £10,000 was given to people in the borough to pay for heating or clothing, while a little more than £2700 was given to Merton residents struggling to cover the expense of travelling to and from their appointments.

Justin was one of those people lucky enough to receive help and thankfully received the all clear from doctors in May 2017.

"When I was told I could receive a Macmillan grant I felt a huge sense of relief," he said.

"It gave me the breathing room to concentrate on my treatment and not worry about my expenses.

"It was reassuring to know that Macmillan was right there with me, when I needed them most.”