Amanda Holden made a special visit to Wimbledon's Polka Theatre over the weekend to say her goodbyes to the 40-year-old building.

A judge on ITV's Britain's Got Talent, Amanda first became aware of the theatre when her daughter Lexi was about two years old, more than 10 years ago.

"I wanted to take her to see a show that was suitable for young children," she said.

"Since then we’ve seen so many shows there together and as a family.

"The staff at Polka have always been delightful and we’ve loved every show we’ve seen, however the building is in desperate need of renovation."

The theatre hosted its final performance on Sunday before it closed to undergo a multi-million pound transformation.

"The new space will provide better access for performers and children who take part, their first on-site rehearsal space, a new cafe and a brand new theatre made especially for children under six," Amanda added.

"I feel it is enormously beneficial for children to be lucky enough to experience the atmosphere of sitting in a theatre to open their minds and imaginations from an early age."

But the theatre is not at the finish line just yet.

A further £1 million still needs to be raised to help complete this £7.5 million project.

Polka’s artistic director, Peter Glanville and executive director Lynette Shanbury were able to talk through the redevelopment plans with Amanda in detail during the visit.

"Having visited us on many occasions with her family, she passionately recognises the importance and uniqueness of the venue as a creative and inspirational hub for children, families and schools," Mr Glanville said.

"Her recent visit was an opportunity to talk in more detail with her about our Future Polka redevelopment, and we are honoured to have her as a dedicated ambassador for this campaign.”

Amanda was also able to spend some time with a group of school children who had visited Polka to see The Wind in the Willows.

Anna McNamara, the school's teacher said: “Not many of our children have encountered a celebrity before and they were all very excited to meet Amanda Holden after seeing The Wind in the Willows.

"One of our children had made her a birthday card and the opportunity to present it to Amanda and chat with her for a while.

"The child had written in the card that she hoped to be an actress when she grew up just like Amanda."

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