Cinderella certainly had a tough time when she was younger, but at least she never had to organise her own ball!

With 48 hours to go before the event, I saw we had 120 women and 80 gentlemen guests who would be arriving at Hotel du Vin Wimbledon expecting the grandest ball.

The Neom Organics candles and flowers had arrived, alongside 80 bottles of Lanson Champagne. The red carpet, which admittedly needed a hoover, measured perfectly at the entrance to the magnificent Orangery. But that night I couldn't sleep. I wanted this to be the most glamorous party of the year, and apart from putting a call out on social media for a few Prince Charming’s, something just didn't feel right.

Wimbledon Times:

Committing a personal crime of switching my phone on at 11pm - I brain stormed with a friend who sent me a photo of four dashing men who had played at Kensington Palace in front of 40,000 people last year. 'Imagine if we had them' she cooed. That was it a challenge had been set. I spoke to the manager of Jack Pack that night and convinced or begged (I'm not sure which) for the boys to play at The Wimbledon Love Ball. It was going to be a wonderful surprise for the guests and finally felt that all was left to worry about was my dress.

Life can feel like a fairy tale, there are always good people, pretty ladies, charming gentlemen and the odd witch to contend with. However, on this occasion I did get my own fairy godmother. Elisabeth Piner, owner of Having a Ball, owns a treasure trove of sparkling dresses for such occasions. Situated in Kingston, I Ubered straight there and squeezed into a few magical gowns. Sending a photo of the dress I chose to the award winning Ana Bella Milliner, she sent me a mirrored headpiece adorned on the side with ivory roses. Finally, I could sleep.

Wimbledon Times:

To be honest, on the morning of the ball, I woke up with a head full of cold and felt rotten. I drove to the hotel and my team were all smiles. Wimbledon Brewery were setting up their beautifully crafted Gold + Pale cans and Quatermaine bottles, whilst Danielle Sweeney was busily building the 10ft red rose wall with Lady Wimbledon emblazoned in gold. After a few hours clambering up the shelves to put up the lights and decorating the room, I left Flora; my wingman to fill the goodie bags with gifts including Nike Accessories from Intersport UK, now open in Elys, a unisex fragrance wardrobe by Commodity, heel stoppers by Clean Heels, and Neom Organics mini treats. I drove home to a hot bath filled with Olbos Oil and hid under my duvet for an hour.

By 5pm I knew it was show time. I necked a strong coffee to shake out the devil and drove to the hotel for the final preparations.

Taking the bridal suite for the night, make-up artist and she is an artist, Becca Gray was on hand to transform my face from tired to glitter. However, it was a surreal Valentine’s dream when Marilyn Monroe knocked on the bedroom door to get ready with me.

Drawn to the scent of candles flickering in the most romantic room I have ever seen, we entered the Orangery.

Wimbledon Times:

Heads turned as the world famous Marilyn Monroe tribute artist, Suzie Kennedy picked up a glass of Champagne and walked onto the red carpet. Guests flocked to have their photograph taken with her. The room suddenly filled to the brim with beautiful guests in all their finery. From local residents, businesses, celebrities, entrepreneurs, pub landlords and Instagram royalty. Our mini Tatler society had reached dizzy heights of glamour in Wimbledon. Dresses swooped the floor and the gentlemen had all ensured there was a touch of romance about them.

I had to pinch myself when the stunning Jack Pack began to sing, Marilyn (Suzie) but let's just call her Marilyn, graciously danced with the guests and Mikey the Macaw, yes a real Macaw entered with his date Mia.

Big Brother winner, Jason Burrill took to the stage for the raffle as a dinner, bed and breakfast at Hotel du Vin was won, alongside a bouquet of flowers from Gardenia, and a £75 celebration cake from Creams of Wimbledon. All the money raised from the raffle was for Celeb FC, a celebrity fundraising football team who spend a lot of their own time raising money for local charities in our area. The more we can support them, the more they can continue to not only raise money for charities but also spirits.

There are so many different types of love in our lives, self-love, family, friends and if we are lucky - a touch of romance. The Wimbledon Love Ball had it all in abundance.

Photos of all the guests can be found on Lady Wimbledon Facebook, along with an outstanding video by Being Mr Brown that makes me so proud of such a wonderful night.

With so much excitement behind me, I'll be sharing pancakes with my children this Valentine’s evening to ensure we remember true love is in our hearts and home.