"I had to run and push my four-year-old daughter out of the way of a car that mounted the pavement to pass another one."

That is the kind of thing Sam Walker has to deal with on a regular basis when he drops his kids off at their New Malden school.

He says the road in Lime Grove is too narrow and fears that someone may get seriously hurt if nothing is done about it.

"Drivers don’t wait, they just drive up on to the pavements," he said.

"This happens every single day during school drop off time when there are small children, buggies, dogs, scooters and parents using the pavement.

"It’s only a matter of time until someone is knocked down and injured or worse."

He said this has been an issue for years and has never been properly dealt with.

So he decided to take matters into his own hands.

He started a petition, asking Kingston Council to consider installing a one-way system in the Groves area (Lime Grove, Poplar Grove, Chestnut Grove and surrounding streets) to protect all pedestrians, as well as cyclists.

"Locals may disagree on how to improve the situation but all would agree that something needs to be done," Mr Walker added.

"The councillors hide behind budget issues and red tape.

"This is not a party political issue.

"This is an issue of safety particularly for local school children. Their safety should not be put at risk because of budget or power play."

As of publishing the petition has gathered 340 signatures in two weeks.

But a Kingston Council spokesman said it still has a while to go before it can be officially considered.

"We are aware of a current petition regarding the Groves area of New Malden and calls for the council to look at introducing traffic measures," the spokesman said.

"The council will consider and respond to any petition it receives and any petition that reaches 500 or more signatures will formally be discussed at Full Council."

But Mr Walker called this response "utterly pathetic."

"They clearly have no interest in local school children's safety, which is shocking," he said.

"What are they there for if its not to help rectify these situation and help the people who they represent?

"I am ashamed and embarrassed that I voted for these people. I certainly won’t again and imagine this will be the case for lots of parents."

To view the petition, click here.