Police are calling for Merton Council to reject a string of proposed InLink kiosks because they are attracting drug dealers.

Nearly half-a-dozen of the the BT devices which offer free public Wi-Fi and free phone calls were approved in the borough last year.

But commenting on a recent application, police voiced some serious concerns regarding seven proposed designs.

"I have reviewed all the documents made available to me in respect of these applications and at this stage can see no consideration towards public safety with regards to the free calls to

mobile phones," a comment on the application from the Met read.

"Therefore, in light of the issues with the current installations causing drug related ASB and in the interest of community safety and the prevention of crime and disorder, including the safeguarding of minors, I object to this planning application concerning the installation of InLink phone kiosks at the above locations."

The locations included one in Colliers Wood, another in Raynes Park, three in Morden and two in Wimbledon, including one for The Broadway which has now been rejected by the council.

"Police figures and intelligence show an increase in the visible presence of drug related activity as a consequence of existing - and similarly designed - free phone call kiosks within the London Borough of Tower Hamlets," the Met comment said.

"I have concerns that the installation of these devices in Merton, would cause similar demand of the police service and have a similar negative effect on the community.

"The kiosks are known to the MPS to facilitate free calls to offenders with criminal intent on dealing drugs."

When approached for an official comment on its stance towards the kiosks, the Met said although they are not responsible for the final decision, they did want to make their concerns heard.

"While it is not statutory to consult the police in relation to planning and street design applications, police do offer advice on issues that may impact on crime and crime prevention," a spokeswoman said.

"One such piece of work is the installation of new phone kiosks in a number of local authorities.

"Local officers continually monitor areas to establish any crime trends and urge members of community to report criminal matters to them as soon as possible.

"The final decision in relation to planning rests with the council but police will continue to offer advice where practical."

Merton Council have been approached for comment.