A warning has been issued after fairy lights used on religious shrine caused the bedroom of a Wimbledon flat to catch alight.

Firefighters were called to Kingston Road on the afternoon of January 16 after a neighbour head the smoke alarm go off.

Crews then found the small fire in the ground floor flat which they believe was caused by an electrical fault in fairy lights used on the shrine.

Watch Manager Andy McKay, who was at the scene, said: “Nobody was in the property at the time and the door to the room where the fire started was closed, which meant the fire was well contained to that room.

“This fire could have been a lot worse but fortunately a quick thinking neighbour rang the Brigade immediately after hearing a smoke alarm sounding.

"Firefighters arrived on scene very quickly and contained the fire to the bedroom and stopped it spreading to the rest of the property.

“We would urge everyone to make sure that fairy lights are turned off if they leave their property and anyone who uses candles or joss sticks should ensure they are full extinguished when leaving the room.”