It is quite wonderful sharing my birthday with the month of Christmas.

As a child, the fairy lights were always the backdrop to my party and quite a few decades later, nothing has changed.

Admittedly, the house took three days to prepare, but Mr Sparx was at hand with glowing reindeers, candy canes and 6,000 fairy lights! Bringing home a 10ft tree from Pines and Needles decorated by my trusted blogger elfs, we soon transformed my home into a magical winter wonderland.

My children were delighted that NC Supper Club chefs soon arrived with trays of festive food and treats, followed shortly by Becks bakes carrying the most magnificent macaroon tower filled with flavours of lemon, mint and caramel. The Wimbledon Brewery Jeep soon arrived alongside Cranes Drinks crates and stacks of Prosecco on ice.

Lighting a dozen lanterns and a hundred church candles, the performer Alex Barnett began to sing Christmas carols on his acoustic guitar. I placed my glittering crown made by Bee Smith Hats on my head and welcomed the 150 guests who were all dressed in sleigh bells bling. The night soon turned to early hours of the morning and I am sure I wasn't the only Womble waking up with a sore head before the weekend had even started.

However, as much as I adore throwing house parties, there is something to be said for getting dressed up and just walking through the doors of a beautiful hotel such as Cannizaro House. It was the Wimbledon Village Business Association party on Tuesday evening. Ironically, I put on Home Alone for my children to watch with the baby sitter and promised I would be back before the film finished. Having no time to source a new headpiece to match my purple sparkling jumpsuit, I carefully took the horns off my Halloween hat and used it to secure my bounding waves which Thom Kirby had styled the night before. On the night, I was delighted to bump into the Robert Holmes gentlemen and catch up with Johnny Perkins from the All England Lawn Tennis Club. The Chairman of the WVBA; Adrian Mills shared a wonderful speech about the residents and shopkeepers becoming more involved in local events which contributed hugely to the success of this years Wimbledon Village Christmas Fair. I also had the pleasure of seeing Richard Hunter again, who was sitting behind me with his daughter at the Polka Theatre just the night before. I was there with my three children enjoying The Wind in the Willows VIP performance. After the show we had a photo with the cast on stage and joined other members of the audience for stacks of chocolate biscuits, strings of hula hoops, marsh-mellows and lollipops. I have been a huge fan of the Polka since my children were tiny and was thrilled to learn they have deservedly been granted £1.2million from the Mayor of London's Good Growth Fund. What an exciting future for the cultural hub for families in our locality.

This time of year is very exciting for young Wimbledon, and with our advent calendars showing more ripped foil than closed doors, it is evident that the big day is nearly here.

Wimbledon is certainly a close knit community for businesses and families. Yet, for the older Wombles who are reading this and may feel isolated in Wimbledon, please don's hesitate to pop into The Alexandra Pub on Monday's for a sandwich, a cup of tea and similar folk. They are even opening their doors on Christmas day to anyone who would be spending Christmas alone. It is a wonderful opportunity to spread the love this Christmas, so please tell anyone you know that there are places to go and people to meet.

So be yourself young or old, OR like my birthday has just suggested - the soon approaching middle age; I would like to wish everyone reading this a wonderful warm and loving Christmas.