A group of people took to the streets of Wimbledon over the weekend to protest Brexit.

On December 1 campaigners from Best for Britain gathered outside the Odeon Theatre before making their way around town.

Simon Harris from Best for Britain said: “Every poll shows a clear majority for a final say on the Brexit terms, and the strength of feeling in Wimbledon mirrors the rest of Britain, as 66 per cent of the town’s residents feel that the government’s deal is nowhere near as good as staying in the EU.

"The deal on offer gives us less say, costs billions and subjects us to endless negotiations.

"We need a final say, and 68 per cent of Wimbledon’s inhabitants would like one.

"We now know considerably more about the impact Brexit has on local business and communities. If Parliament rubber stamps Theresa May’s Brexit deal, without testing public opinion, many people will understandably cry 'foul'.”

The group was bolstered by van which asked MPs to 'ditch the Brexit deal'.

Fair to say that Mr Harris was pleased with how it went down.

"It was a very positive afternoon with plenty of people tooting their horns in support or coming up to us road junctions saying they support a final say referendum," he said.