Menopause can be a taboo subject to talk about for both men and women, but one group is hoping to dispel any ill-feeling towards it in Wimbledon.

In January next year at the Hillside Church, a 'menopause café' will be held in an effort to increase awareness about the subject.

Rachel Weiss of Rowan Consultancy, who founded the café concept said it was: "Aimed at women and men of all ages who would like to come along and talk about the menopause, to share their stories, experiences and questions, all made that little bit easier with tea and cake.

“Unfortunately, many women feel that they should just ‘get on with’ the Menopause, with some never talking to their friends of family about it, but the reality is that it affects all women eventually, not forgetting those who live and work with them.

"People can come along and just listen, or join in on the discussions, hopefully leaving with a clearer sense of the impact of the menopause on those who are experiencing it, alongside their

families, friends and colleagues.”

The cafe will take place on January 16 from 7.30pm to 9.30pm.