A Wimbledon couple is hoping to make waste a thing of the past with their new store.

Having recently moved from France, Alicia and Josh Bulbeck said trying to go waste-free is still a daily challenge, but are convinced it doesn’t have to be.

"Back in France, I often did my shopping in a packaging free shop, customers would come with their own containers (Tupperware boxes, glass jars, cloth bags) and dispense the quantity of products they wanted," Alicia said.

"Josh and I found the concept very intelligent and since we settled down in Wimbledon, we have been working on this project to be able to offer the opportunity for people here to do their shopping the same way."

But in order to make 'Zero' a reality, they need a little help.

Alicia said £20,000 was needed to cover the initial investment, including shop set-up and inventory.

"Our shop will offer a simple alternative to excessive single-use packaging consumption with a wide range of ready-to-go bulk items," she said.

"We want people to consider our shop as an alternative to supermarkets where they can source local, organic and FairTrade products without the unnecessary packaging.

"With our passion for environmental issues and our combined experience in sales and retail (Josh) and business operations and finance (Alicia), we are convinced we have the knowledge and skills necessary to make Zéro a successful venture."

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So far more than £1200 has been raised and if successful, the hope is that they would be able to move into Merton Abbey Mills early in 2019.

"For many products, zero packaging represents a perfectly viable and more sustainable packaging solution than plastic," Alicia added.

"Any fresh foods are naturally wrapped in their own skin and, under the right conditions, can be safely transported and consumed without single-use plastic packaging.

"By funding this project, you will make it possible for Zéro to become Londoners’ new favourite grocery shop and give us the first push to make this happen."

To donate towards the store opening, click here