It has been nearly two months since the new waste collection service began in Merton and some people still don't have their new bins.

But the company in charge of delivering them says the task is complete...a month after it said the exact same thing.

Wimbledon man David Miller is fed up with the constant back and forth.

"It is now six weeks since the new system started," he said.

"Despite repeatedly contacting them we still have not received the new bins nor have we been given a date when they will be delivered."

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A spokeswoman for Veolia said on October 26 that "the delivery of 130,000 wheelie bins for general waste and paper and card is complete, however a small number of delivery errors are still being rectified."

Once again the company is saying the job is done, despite the fact some bins are nowhere to be found.

“The delivery of the new wheelie bins to residents in Merton is complete and we have already seen improvements in the recycling performance of the borough," a spokeswoman for Veolia said on November 21.

"However, we are reacting to missing bin reports and change requests from residents, and are working through these as they come in.”