A month after the new waste collection service begun, people are still waiting to get their new bins.

But the company in charge of delivering them says the task is complete.

Two weeks ago the leader of Merton Council Stephen Alambritis said he had been "assured" by Veolia that all the new bins had been delivered.

This came as a shock to many with dozens of people emailing the Wimbledon Guardian to say that this was not the case.

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"I have been on the phone to the waste helpline to get them to flag up the fact that we will be putting out large numbers of black bags again as we can no longer put them in our usual place in Parkleigh Road," one Morden woman said.

"We are worried that the bin crews will think we are fly tipping.

"It is really not practical to put bags by our gates as the bin lorry cannot park on Morden Road."

Barry Dennis, who lives in Mostyn Road, Merton Park, says to this day (October 29) that still no bins have been put on his doorstep.

These queries were then put to Veolia, who has been tasked with the delivery.

A spokeswoman for the company said on October 26, several days before people were still reporting that they had not received their new collection, that: "The delivery of 130,000 wheelie bins for general waste and paper and card is complete, however a small number of delivery errors are still being rectified.

"The introduction of the new recycling and rubbish collection service has been a major undertaking but it will bring many benefits, including an increase in recycling rates, cleaner streets and significant cost savings.”

But as for when those "delivery errors" would be rectified, Veolia did not say.