There was so much mouse poo found at a Tesco Express earlier this year, food hygiene inspectors had no choice but to give it the second-lowest possible rating.

On top of that, workers at the Tooting store in 50-56 London Road couldn't even identify what poo looked liked during the February visit.

This combined with other health and safety issues meant the store received a one out of five rating.

"A number of chocolate and sweets were found on the lowest shelves next to mouse droppings," a report seen by the Wimbledon Guardian read.

"These Haribo sweets and chocolates could have become contaminated by mice droppings or urine and therefore pose a risk to public health.

"During the inspection mouse droppings were noted in the a number of locations in the store on the lowest chocolate shelving where the Smarties and haribo sweets were located, in the warehouse behind the freezer on the ledge and on the floor at wall floor junctions in the main warehouse.

"In particular I am concerned that staff are not able to identify mouse droppings on the shelves while putting out new stock."

But just four months after the poo fiasco, the store managed to turn things around.

Officers from Merton Council's food safety and hygiene team re-visited the store in June and rated the Tesco a five out of five, the highest possible rating.

A Tesco spokesman said the store worked hard to gain the higher rating.

“We take food hygiene extremely seriously and have the highest standards of cleanliness in our stores," he said.

"In this case, we acted immediately to carry out a range of improvements including comprehensive additional cleaning works and re-training for our colleagues.

"We are pleased that the store has now received the highest possible Food Hygiene Rating of 5.”